the farm ethos

Our farm ethos is to think local, buy local, and try and maximise the land we're lucky enough to be based on.


We try and live a slower pace of life in the country, but that doesn't mean we are less busy.  We grow our own veg and fruit, keep chickens, lambs and pigs to produce our own organic meat - we like to trace where our food comes from, and even better if we can say we work in food metres, not food miles.


We dream of building a sustainable future and the cabins have been developed to take a step back to a time before wi-fi.


We're always looking into green technologies for other energy used on the farm, and our dream is to be entirely off-grid.


We take recycling seriously and ask guests to help us to reduce and recycle the waste we all use.


We buy our livestock locally, and always look to support local tradespeople whether it's buying canvas from a teepee maker based in Cornwall, and working with local carpenters.  All our firewood comes from a local tree surgeon.


We're not a manicured farm, we don't go heavy on the weedkiller and love to enjoy the local wildlife that this brings.

Berridon Farm

Bradworthy, North Devon EX22 7RY

01409 241552